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About Us

Since its establishment in 2008, the company adhering to the scientific and technological innovation as the basis, to the quality of service features, with the green security for the development of the concept of security, in the introduction of international mature service model at the same time, continue to explore the road of innovation and development of the market for a Chinese conditions and multi field linkage car.
Our company always adhere to the enhancement of innovation capability is a key link to improve the competitiveness of the industry, adhere to the innovation driven development of the company, through the establishment of department coordination and collaborative innovation mechanism, build employee innovation platform, perfect the construction of innovation system, and constantly promote the formation of the system of technological innovation capability and overall service capacity.
The company combined with the domestic scientific research institutions and colleges and universities have carried out a deep and comprehensive cooperation of production, research and research, and set up a scientific research laboratory, introduced a large number of advanced experimental equipment and related technologies. By increasing investment in research and development, design and development of a series of key technology company has launched the car internal core components inspection technology, external security components, obtained many research achievements, has a number of independent intellectual property rights, and actively promote the transformation of technological achievements, the company's brand value rising.
For the integration of the automotive industry service resources, Beijing oesky efforts to provide customers with high-quality automotive consumer service experience, especially in small passenger car parts reliability and life testing, and advanced vehicle detection technology based on providing economic and reliable maintenance scheme. It has unique advantages.
Companies adhere to the people-oriented, encourage employees and enterprise collaborative development, through training and the introduction of professional and technical personnel, establish and improve the talent evaluation system, improve the incentive mechanism, build talent development platform, to create a composite technical team, laid the foundation for the company's personnel service innovation and technology development, to stimulate the development of vitality. To improve the comprehensive service capacity further.
By actively coordinate information, electronic and Internet technology, intelligent system to promote the application of advanced quality management system, the company established a market service chain throughout the car, in order to meet the consumer demand for personalized, diversified, quality and efficiency of enterprises, promote the establishment of the car market after the circle of ecological system.
The company advocates the enterprise life cycle in the development of the concept of green development, and adhere to the company's technology research and development, each leading to green development concept of enterprise management, risk management, marketing, customer service and other service sectors, to promote enterprise, industry links symbiosis, resource sharing, through participating in research and development projects in the field of manufacturing auto parts, make contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development of green automotive industry.
At present, the company has established a nationwide 90 main city service network, branch offices throughout the capital city and economically developed areas, and in cooperation with more than 1200 domestic manufacturers, more than forty high-end brands to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relations. The company and the Peoples Insurance Company of China, China Pacific Property Insurance Co, China life insurance Limited by Share Ltd such as a large number of domestic insurance companies signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement, by the Beijing sports provide insurance services, to further protect the interests of consumers and business cooperation.
The line steady Zhiyuan, tolerance. Beijing province will continue to provide high quality services for the security market after Chinese car consumers, to build the company into a leading integrated service provider of Chinese automobile market, dedicated to establishing win-win win-win situation for Chinese automotive service providers and consumers.